Hybrid birds are specially bred for their hardiness and high egg laying potential. We have birds from day olds upto point of lay pullets I try and keep this page as up to date as possible, but please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Phone number is 07854859811 please give me, Sam a call at any time! look forward to hearing from you.

Each of the birds who leave me at southlea barn will;

Be fully wormed up to date.

Leave with a care sheet,

2kg of feed to mix in with your own,

A 7 day health warranty sorry this does not cover the destruction of Mr Fox.

and a life time of after care. we would love o hear from you once you have your birds in their new homes.


A tough and reliable bird bred to lay a high number of quality eggs.

These birds are really easy to keep and are ideal first time birds.

Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock.

Lay around 306 brown eggs a year.

in stock pullets £18 and day old chicks £5.


Sussex Rocket is highly productive and especially suited to organic and free range systems.

A light sussex hybrid.

Lay around 319 eggs per year.

Day old chicks in stock £5

Remember to give me a ring 07854859811 for and advice or to discuss your requirements. Im always happy to help.



Maran Coucou is the original and best Coucou based hybrid, laying her famous brown speckled eggs.

She is a cross between Marans Coucou Argenté and Rhode Island Red.

Happily lay around 260 eggs per year which are deep brown in colour.

Day old chicks available £5


She is a special cross of Rhode Island Red and various Maran Coucou.

Happily lays 260 eggs per year which are brown.

A lovely grey in colour.

Day olds available £5


Ideal back yard hen .

Easy to keep.

Lay around 270 eggs a year .

point of lay pullets available £18


Very pretty bird happy and content.

capable of laying around 280 eggs a year.

point of lay pullets available. £18


Classic brown hen the most common of all birds. because she is reliable and good at her job producing around 300 eggs per year easily.

point of lay pullets for sale £16


As the name suggests these birds originate from the light Sussex birds.

A heavy weight bird who is quite docile. a very traditional looking bird who is very hardy. easily laying upwards of 240 eggs a year.

They are classed as a dual purpose bird and bigger than most other hybrids.

She makes a fantastic free range bird and are very happy scratching away in the garden.

Pol pullets in stock £18


A Speckledy is originally from a Maran, maintaining many of the characteristics, and superb egg laying capability.

A very robust laying pullet laying 250+ dark brown large eggs a year.

they are typically slightly smaller than other hybrid birds.

She makes an ideal asset to any laying flock.

All our Hybrid birds are fully vaccinated against common poultry ailments, as well as from mareks, coccidiosis, infectious bronchitis and salmonella.

POL pullets for sale £18



The Calder Ranger is a third generation cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White Sussex which is why they only sometimes have black tails and others times have white.

They are very easy to keep and manage, they are adaptable and cope well with change. they are robust and are able to cope with change well.

Egg Production– on average they lay 320 eggs a year taking a break for moulting.

All our Hybrid birds are fully vaccinated against common poultry ailments, as well as from mareks, coccidiosis, infectious bronchitis and salmonella.

we have POL pullets in stock £18